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Pharmacological Effects Of Steroid Hormones
- Aug 09, 2017 -

The physiological function of adrenocortical hormone is mainly manifested in two aspects:

① regulates sugar metabolism: suppresses the oxidation of sugar, elevates blood sugar, and promotes the conversion of proteins into sugars. These functions include corticosterone, 11-dehydrogenase, 17-hydroxy corticosterone (hydrocortisone) and 17-hydroxy dihydro dehydrogenase (cortisone) (hydrocortisone). This kind of hormone also has the good anti-inflammatory, the anti allergic effect, is commonly used hormone medicine.

② regulates water and salt metabolism: the retention of sodium ions in the body and the discharge of excessive potassium ions, regulate water and salt metabolism. Such hormones include 11-deoxy, 17-hydroxy dihydro, and aldosterone. The regulation effect of aldosterone on water and salt metabolism was 30-120 times larger than that of deoxidation.