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Epitalon Lyophilized Hormone Powder Epithalon Human Telomerase Peptides for Anti Aging and Increasing Human Lifespan

Epitalon Lyophilized Hormone Powder Epithalon Human Telomerase Peptides for Anti Aging and Increasing Human Lifespan

Epitalon Quick Details : Product Name: Epitalon Synonyms:Epitalon;Epithalon;Glycine, L-alanyl-L-a-glutamyl-L-a-aspartyl-;L-alanyl-L-alpha-glutamyl-L-alpha-aspartylglycine;9: PN: WO02090380 PAGE: 55 claimed protein CAS No.:307297-39-8 Molecular Formula:C14H22N4O9 Formula Weight:390 Purity:98%...

Product Details

Epitalon Lyophilized Hormone Powder Epithalon Human Telomerase Peptides for Anti Aging and Increasing Human Lifespan

Epitalon Quick Details : 


Product Name: Epitalon

Synonyms:Epitalon;Epithalon;Glycine, L-alanyl-L-a-glutamyl-L-a-aspartyl-;L-alanyl-L-alpha-glutamyl-L-alpha-aspartylglycine;9: PN: WO02090380 PAGE: 55 claimed protein

CAS No.:307297-39-8
Molecular Formula:C14H22N4O9
Formula Weight:390
Appearance:white Lyophilized  powder


Storage: Epitalon comes as lyophilized powder. It is recommended to inject 1 - 2ml of

sterile or bacteriostatic water into the vial and mix gently, the solution should be kept

refrigerated between 2 - 8 degrees Celsius for maximum 20 days.

Usage : a Anti-aging peptide used to regulate the cell cycle through up-regulation of telomerase activity.

Epitalon Description :

Epithalon (also known as Epitalon or Epithalone) is the synthetic version of the polypeptide Epithalamin which is naturally produced in humans. This pineal peptide preparation is secreted in the epithlamium-epiphyseal region of the brain. Its more prominent tasks are: to regulate metabolism in the epiphysis, increase the sensitivity of hypothalamus to its natural hormonal influences, normalize the function of the anterior pituitary, regulate the levels of gonadotropins and melatonin in the body. Epithalamin increases a person's resistance to emotional stress and also acts as an antioxidant.

Epitalon (a new.ok.a new. epithalon or simply epithalone) may be a synthetically-derived tetrapeptide, and thus it all includes some protein stores. That it was identified because of the Euro researchers Instructor Vladimir Khavinson, who seem to then held epitalon-related investigation for the Thirty-five a long time within both animal and human many studies. The results had been remarkable. For the first time actually, man clinical studies proved certainly which a product was comprised of potent lifetime ext plus anti-aging houses.nouvelle-vie-logo-epitalon-click-ENEpitalon’s main factor is usually to improve the normal output of telomerase, a natural molecule that can help cells be fertile telomeres, consider some of the defensive parts of our Genetic. This allows any replication of the Genetic make-up so that the physique could mature innovative cellular material and rejuvenate files.

Younger persons deliver a comparatively great deal of telomerase together with more telomeres. The longer a telomere locks happen to be, the higher quality wireless health and duplication they offer. However, while consumers age, producing telomerase reduces and so cell reproduction as well as health and fitness refuse. Right here is the major reason that others age.

Clinical studies have demostrated the importance of telomerase production together with telomere energy to fight the symptoms of getting older. In just one such examine made for 913 couples for twin babies, the twin by using stronger telomerase manufacturing looked young and had more effective health and fitness compared with his/her twin counterpart. During an additional research with Thirty-eight individuals who were being A century or old, the greatest players experienced the strongest plus lengthiest telomeres.

Since epitalon may boost the manufacturing of telomerase which will tones up plus prolongs telomeres, therefore epitalon can enjoy a huge role in decreasing the aging process and thus offering human permanence .

That innovative development understand telomerase generation demonstrates epitalon would be the only known element to raise telomerase creation together with telomere strand duration, that happen to be principal elements to fight getting older.

Epitalon is actually a little peptide of four aminos: Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly and could be applied via treatment, for a nasal apply, or perhaps throughout the dermis.The top course with applying it truly is by means of injections, also subcutaneously or maybe intramuscularly. The peptide is usually presented 2-3 periods per day designed for 10-20 a short time during amounts involving 5-10 milligrams each and every. This spiral is actually repeated one time just about every six to twelve weeks, however Epitalon could be granted as frequently as sought after.

The initial choosing the item, odor came back, superior digestion we had sex far better. I have got in addition documented positive changes in my personal idea in addition to ability to hear. Many of these characteristics matched to the particular autonomic neurological plus the bodily hormone technique. Epitalon can fix normal melatonin manufacturing inside growing older monkeys, along with repair the ordinary circadian tempo with regard to cortisol generation, both of which result in greater sleeping overnight.

Epitalon is an of the very most intriguing anti-aging material on the market, nevertheless further more research is were required to read the many in addition to wellbeing connected with telomerase activators.


Epitalon Application :


Epithalon has been shown to work in conjunction with telomerase; an enzyme that is responsible for determining the length of telomeres in DNA strands while essentially creating the relevant genetic information. Over time, during the process of cellular division, the levels of telomerase become depleted. This degradation causes the telomeres themselves to become shorter and weaker as cellular division continues. Eventually, the telomeres become short and weak to the point where they can no longer bind the DNA strands properly. When this occurs, the DNA strands become loose and their genetic information becomes compromised.

Telomeres happen to be with often ends of your chromosome, and in addition they accomplish safeguard your surrounding gene string by shorter resulting from duplicated duplication series. Elongation involving telomeres allows senescent skin cells in order to stabilize their own telomeric length of time. On the other hand, unwanted elongation will enable this kind of body cells to be able to go over their particular Hayflick limitation by using evasion of apoptosis as well as post-mitotic point; and therefore, these kinds of tissue have the prospect to become immortal and that predisposes the crooks to neoplastic transformation Due to the short length of the amino-acidic chain, Epitalon is administrated orally, nasal spray drops or injectable (by far the most effective method) in 10 – 20 days-in-row cycles.

Oral administration: 2 – 8 mg/day, 2 – 3 servings per day

Nasal administration: 1 – 5 mg/day, 3 servings per day

Injectable administration: 0.5 – 3 mg/day, 1 – 2 injections per day (intramuscularly or subcutaneously)


Epitalon benefit :

As a result of epitalon’s effect on telomerase production, the benefits are unique and far-reaching. Benefits of epitalon include:

1. Increases lifespan

2. Boosts energy levels

3. Improves skin appearance

4. Helps heal injured muscle cells

5. Promotes deeper and more restful sleep

6. Delays or prevents age-related heart disease, cancer and dementia

7. Tumor prevention (inhibition of cancer cells due to protective effect of elongated telomeres) 


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