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Nootropics Nefiracetam DM -9384 Powder

Nootropics Nefiracetam DM -9384 Powder

Piracetam is a regimen in the Rufenster group and has a chemical name of 2-oxo-1-pyrrolidine acetamide. Piracetam is a prototype of roxitan supplements, a set of synthetic supplements designed to provide cognitive promotion.

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Nootropics Piracetam Nefiracetam Powder For Improving Intelligence

Nefiracetam Also Known As DM-9384, N-(2, 6-dimethylphenyl)-2-(2-oxopyrrolidine-1-yl)-acetamide.Nefiracetam is a relatively new nootropic supplement used to boost brainpower by increasing activity at certain key areas in the brain.

It was originally derived from Piracetam but it actually shares more structural similarities to the supplement Aniracetam.
Both compounds are fat soluble and can be used to improve memory and learning capacity while also possessing some beneficial neuroprotective properties.

Nefiracetam Effects
Memory and Cognitive abilities increase. Nef also enhances:

● Attention span
● Focus
● Sensory perception
● Mental energy
● Protects nerve sheathing
● Has anti-oxidant properties
● Eliminates toxins from the brain

Nefiracetam Recommended dosage

Supplementation of nefiracetam appears to be in the 150-450mg range over the course of a day (usually divided into three even doses). Animal studies using acute doses tend to note most benefits in the 3-10mg/kg range, and this correlates to a human dose of 0.48-1.6mg/kg (for a 150lb person, 33-110mg) which is similar to the aforementioned human doses.

Although single doses of nefiracetam do not appear to promote cognition, it is able to affect the brain within 30-60 minutes following oral ingestion. It is not certain whether nefiracetam needs to be taken prior to cognitive training.

Nefiracetam Stacks
Stacking this drug is similar to that of any of the Racetam Nootropics. As nefiracetam is such a potent drug, it requires less of a dose to reach the level of effectiveness. As mentioned earlier, it is best to take a Choline supplement such as Alpha GPC or Centrophenoxine to offset headaches.

Many have experimented with adding various supplements together have been beneficial to enhance certain effects you are trying to achieve. Ie. clarity of thought or increased focusing, and relieving “Brain Fog.” Stacking with Aniracetam for a mood enhancement effect. While a stack of Nefiracetam and Noopept enhance focus.
However, it should be done gradually and you need to keep records of dosages and the effects experienced to get the right stack that fits your needs. The Nefiracetam dosage should be adjusted based on what drugs you’re stacking the compound with.

Nefiracetam Interactions
As of this writing, no serious drug interactions have been noted. One study has shown that Nef can have a positive effect on morphine dependence.

Nefiracetam Benefits
Various studies have shown Nefiracetam to be a potent stress, anxiety, and depression fighter that makes it a better choice for some than the more frequently prescribed drugs such as Xanax, and Prozac, as there have been no toxicity in humans and the side effects are less than those experienced with these better known antidepressants.

In fact, Nefiracetam actually protects your brain as it has cytoprotective properties and this makes it potentially a more useful drug in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and other cerebral degenerative diseases. However, what are the really interesting benefits are its abilities in the mental enhancement arena as it has been shown to accelerate thinking abilities and enhances attention span, mental focus, and overall concentration.

You can now with one pill, become a poster child for the movie “Limitless.” If you are a student, score higher on your examinations and study material at an accelerated rate. You retain what you learned for a longer period of time as it has been shown that over time it increases the brain’s ability to hold information and enhances the brains retrieval of these same facts for a longer span of time than otherwise is experienced by those who don’t use Nootropics

Nefiracetam Side effects

As with any supplement, side effects are possible. Most often, they are comparable with those suffered by some who take Racetams such as irritability, headaches, fatigue, stomach ailments and nausea.

Headaches can be alleviated or eliminated by adding a Choline supplement as a stacker to the mix of Nootropics you are currently taking.

Reviews and Final Thoughts on the Best Nefiracetam Dosing Effects from Users

● I was able to think clearly for the first time in many years

● My ADHD was reduced markedly

● Focus is boosted to the max and if you are writing a thesis you’ll be able to do it in a flash

● I was awarded for my graduation dissertation. I owe it to Nefiracetam.

● When taken for two months or more, overstimulation occurred

● A feeling of dysphoria overcame me after taking Nef during the 2nd month of dosing

● My stress doing exams vanished

● I was able to focus and write my thesis in half the time and graduate with honors

● At work I can concentrate more clearly and ideas seem to flow

● Colors seem brighter and even the scent of flowers is intensified

● I can work longer without any sign of tiring

● I don’t get distracted by every little thing going on around me

● I got headaches at first but after I stacked with some other Noots and that went away

● My work seems to flow in a never-ending stream. I feel like I can work all day and not feel fatigued

● My webpages seem to code themselves and I make fewer mistakes

● At meetings, people sit up and take notice when I speak. I now have more self-confidence

● My grades are up. My mother and father are ecstatic and my profs don’t know what to make of the new me

● After taking Nefiracetam almost immediately, everything brightens around you and you feel like you can do anything.

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