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Anti-obesity Drug Acomplia Raw Powder Rimonabant for Bodybuilding Weight Loss Supplement

Rimonabant Quick Details : Product Name: Rimonabant ; Rimonabant HCL Synonyms: ACOMPLIA,SR141716; 5-(4-Chlorophenyl)-1-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-4-methyl-N-piperidinopyrazole-3-carboxamide CAS: 168273-06-1 MF: C22H21Cl3N4O MW: 463.79 Product Categories: Weight Loss;SR141716 Application : white to...

Product Details

Anti-obesity Drug Acomplia Raw Powder Rimonabant for Bodybuilding Weight Loss Supplement

Rimonabant Quick Details : 


Product Name: Rimonabant ; Rimonabant HCL

Synonyms: ACOMPLIA,SR141716;


CAS: 168273-06-1

MF: C22H21Cl3N4O

MW: 463.79

Product Categories: Weight Loss;SR141716

Application : white to white crystalline powder, soluble in methanol.

Mol File: 168273-06-1.mol

Usage: Rimonabant is a selective antagonist of CB1 with IC50 of 13.6 nM and EC50 of 17.3 nM in hCB1 a new weight loss drug, not only can lose weight,anti-obesity , but also lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.


Rimonabant Description :

Rimonabant (trade name Acomplia) is an anorectic antiobesity drug that has been withdrawn from the market due to potentially serious side effects.Rimonabant can be an inverse agonist for your cannabinoid receptor CB1.There is already been proved to be anyantagonist (most likely the adding factor in its noted dysphoric characteristics).The main influence is definitely lowering of desire for foods.Rimonabant functions obstructing the cannabinoid receptors during the mind. This can be created to reduce desire for food in between food and prevent you busy consuming snacks if your system will not definitely require meals. Any advised amount is simply a solo pill daily prior to breakfast.

Any Rimonabant is an extremely wonderful weight loss powders around today market segments ,as well as its purity is rather substantial ,the actual material is ideal for 99% ;especially for tobacco user and it's with regard to clients using cardiovascular diseases.

Rimonabant may also be found to be proficient at helping many tobacco users to relinquish cigarette smoking. Sanofi will be currently running experiments to ascertain the probable valuation of rimonabant in smoking-cessation treatment method. Your Experiments having Rimonabant as well as Tobacco Make use of (STRATUS) technique will involve extra .

when compared with 7,Thousand subject matter. STRATUS is designed to take a look at only two smoking-related options: first, to implement rimonabant on to help with stopping smoking; secondly, that will help reduce weight gain within ex- tobacco users. Primary success apparently highly recommend rimonabant works equally for works by using.


On the other hand, the particular Federal drug administration has explicitly reported that will Sanofi that, without additional tests, rimonabant cannot be  okayed in the country to get stop smoking cure. Based on some sort of Cochrane Partnership overview during The year 2007, rimonabant "may improve the overall probabilities of giving up smoking approximately 11/2-fold".


Rimonabant Application:

Rimonabant / Acomplia selectively blocks the CB1 receptors that are present in the brain and other peripheral organs important in fatpid and glucose metabolism, including muscle, gastrointestinal tract, liver and adipose tissue. Basically, it switches off those brain circuits that are responsible for making people hungry while smoking . Acomplia, along with CB1 receptors, reduces the EC system's over-activity.

Rimonabant Acomplia is thought to acquire diminished the actual body fat by simply 10% available as one from several users. Also, it truly is revealed that those buyers could not recover greater than a kilo above the subsequent 24 months should the men and women always been for Rimonabant. Rimonabant appeared to be suggested for people that have your Body mass index involving 30 or even greater, who were considered chubby, and is particularly best while mixed with workout in addition to a proper eating.

Rimonabant is from the class of medicines called cannabinoid receptor antagonists. This drug makes it possible for you to handle dieting easier allowing you to lose excessive weight if you have been diagnosed with obesity.

This medication prepares food by uniquely blocking selected receptors within the mental together with other parts in which regulate metabolic processes, which include liver, digestive tract plus adipose cellular material. Aside from the beneficial effects involving eliminating cravings for food this specific medication has revealed to extend the amount of good bad cholesterol (High-density lipoprotein) and decrease the degree involving undesirable trans fat (triglycerides).

In accordance with the clinical tests of this treatment a couple of 3rd of folks that required rimonabant sacrificed 10% of these body volume inside 1st two several years of the therapy, and what is actually substantially more critical -- had the ability to keep up with the effect during this time.


Rimonabant Dosage :


It really is predicted the fact that common medication dosage for rimonabant are going to be 10 milligram after each day prior to lunch. Simply no medication dosage realignment is suggested for that seniors, even so realtor should really be used with warning with men and women significantly older than 85 years. 

Although rimonabant may be used throughout sufferers along with light hepatic impairment, warning is mandatory inside individuals having mild disadvantages. This medication seriously isn't suitable those that have severe hepatic problems.


Rimonabant can also be used very carefully in people with mild-to-moderate renal damage, however it is not suggested intended for sufferers that happen to be greatly renally impaired. There won't be any details encouraging the effective use of rimonabant in child populations. Rimonabant really should not directed at people that has a known sensitivity to your representative or any sort of composite located in the product system.

Its contraindicated in lactat-ing girls and isn't recommended for utilize in women that happen to be pregnant.


Rimonabant COA: 

Test Items


Test Results


White crystalline powder

White crystalline powder


IR , UV conform


Loss on drying



Residue on ignition

Not more than 0.2%



Not more than 0.005%


Heavy metals

Not more than 0.001%


Related substances

Total: Not more than 1.0%
Individual: Not more than 0.5%



Not more than 0.3%


Organic volatile impurities







Conform with USP30

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Dextromethorphan hydrobromide/DXM


Synephrine hydrochloride




Lorcaserin HCl




1, 3-Dimethylpentylamine Hydrochloride/4-Methyl-2-pentanamine hydrochloride(DMAA)


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Levothyroxine Sodium , T4


Calcium Pyruvate


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